The artillery of a drummer is his/her gear. Drummers typically have the most complicated instrument, just in terms of moving pieces. Shells, lugs, screws, tubes, brackets and so much more have to be present and working for a drummer to do his/her job.  Furthermore, there is a countless amount of unused resources in drummers’ collective possession; just look in any drummer’s garage or basement and you are certain to find screws, hoops, hardware pieces, and maybe even drums that the drummer will probably never use.



is a brand new program to provide refurbished drums and educational programming to community centers in under-served communities in Philadelphia. Stay tuned for more info. Special thanks to Matt Gaither Drums, Evans drumheads, Philadelphia Freedom Band, and Juston Stens, for donating time and resources for the pilot program! Click here to support ReDrum!


Leave-A-Wingnut. Take-A-Wingnut

We at Philly Drum Project believe that drummers can work together to be better stewards of these resources by offering a system, a drum market, in which people can buy, sell, and trade ANY working  (or…mostly working) piece of drum-related equipment.  We want to provide a community for drummers: professional and hobbyist alike. Our  "Leave-A-Wingnut. Take-A-Wingnut." boxes can be found at the shops listed below. Feel free to use these boxes to donate, trade for, or purchase hardware pieces; all proceeds go to the store to support the community!


The Marvelous! Music - 4916 Baltimore Ave | DiPinto Guitars - 407 E. Girard Ave | Bluebond Guitars - 511 S. 4th Street

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