We're currently raising funds to support our 2015 season.

Click below if you believe in the power of drum education to impact our city.





General Members - Free: We at Philly Drum Project are dedicated to making drumming accessible in the city. We always want to have educational programming, networking events, and online resources available to all of our members, regardless of their financial situation. General Members will always receive monthly updates on our events and programming.


Supporting Members - $20-$50 per year: In order to provide access to drums and education, we need to pay the bills! Our Supporting Members make that happen. Since our revenue streams are limited and our vision is ambitious, we need a strong base of supporters to keep the mission alive and well. Plus, 50 bucks is a great price for 11 events and access to our network of drummers! Supporting Members have editing access to add upcoming gigs to our PDP Member Gigs Calendar!


Sustaining Members - $10-$30 per month: These members help us take our programming to the next level. Our Sustaining Members believe in the mission of Philly Drum Project and make it a part of their life by budgeting it alongside their coffee and Spotify purchases. These members are the reason that we are able to bring in big names like Ari Hoenig, Mark Colenburg, and Brian Frasier Moore to run workshops with members and students.


Want to know how the money is being used? We're not yet a 501(c)(3) organization, but we are dedicated to transparency. Click here for an updated budget and financial information.

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